how do bookkeepers get clients

Don’t forget that your website should also include your social media links to your Facebook business page, Linkedin business page, Instagram business page, Twitter business page, and others. Next, showcases your core offerings that were created in Chapter 2.

how do bookkeepers get clients

Or, if you offer wealth management services, it might be interesting to partner with an attorney who specializes in handling the legal aspects of wealth, such as wills. And if you specialize in taxes for freelancers, solopreneurs, or small business, consider partnering with free accounting software providers.

Tip 1 – Create Standardized Processes

If you’ve got a following on social media, or a big email list, webinars can be a great way to convert that audience into clients. It’s also notoriously difficult to make direct sales on LinkedIn. Usually you need to give away something of value like an ebook or whitepaper and then follow up personally or set up a marketing funnel for your leads. The scary part how do bookkeepers get clients of Adwords is that it’s super easy to blow a lot of money, quick. It’s also pretty common for new users to set something up incorrectly, think that it will never work for them, and quit. That’s why if you’re new it might be best to have a digital agency do it for you . If you’re determined to learn yourself Klientboost’s Adwords Guide is a good starting point.

  • Why not trade your accounting services for another entrepreneur’s product or services?
  • Dan Miller recommends picking out 40 businesses that you want to work for and researching them.
  • They ranked this as more important than being affordable or responsive.
  • Those who decide their books are just too much to take on themselves may be willing to pay for your services.

When you speak at an event, you can showcase your expertise in front of a live audience – which is far better than simply sending out newsletters or articles. You will also have the chance to interact with potential new clients and ask them questions about their small businesses, which will help you tailor your services for them in the future.

Volunteer for a Local Non-Profit

For example, if you want to earn more, you should have more clients or have higher prices. In the world of freelance bookkeeping, it can be challenging to stand out among the thousands of other qualified professionals out there. Some quick wins include adding a line to your email signature reminding them or even incentivising them with a thank you gift when they follow through.

3000+ Accounting Pros Attend Live QB Connect Conference in … –

3000+ Accounting Pros Attend Live QB Connect Conference in ….

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The general idea of these marketplaces is that leads come to the website looking for a particular service. They enter what they’re looking for and applicable businesses are notified that there’s a lead. Those businesses then send a quote and hope to win their business. Just like with the freelancer marketplaces, it’s important to build up your reviews to be successful. Depending on your industry and niche, there are ‘marketplaces’ that connect businesses with the right clients.

Identify Your Ideal Client First

One of the biggest questions I’m asked about working with clients virtually is how we get clients to sign documents or to sign our engagement letter. You can reap the benefits from this knowledge using your website, social media, blogs and other online content tools.

how do bookkeepers get clients

Speaking at events can be an effective way to get your name and your firm’s name out there. It allows you a chance to share your knowledge and unique perspective and also provides you with the opportunity to meet other professionals and guests.

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